About the CFI Network

The Commodity Frontiers Initiative is a network of individual scholars, research teams, and civil society organizations from around the world. Within the CFI Network, we have a Leadership collective, an Editorial Board that oversees the Newsletter, a General Board that actively participates in shaping CFI activities, and 26 partner institutes.

CFI Leadership

Sven Beckert, Laird Bell Professor of History at Harvard University

Ulbe Bosma, Senior Researcher at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam and Professor of History at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mindi Schneider, Assistant Professor of Sociology of Development and Change at Wageningen University

Eric Vanhaute, Professor of Economic History and World History at Ghent University

CFI Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief: Mindi Schneider (senior editor), Sven Beckert, Ulbe Bosma, Eric Vanhaute

Editorial Board and Section Editors:

Hanne Cottyn, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of History, University of York (UK), and Postdoctoral Fellow at Ghent University (Belgium)

Kristina Dietz, Director of Director of “Global Change – Local Conflicts? (GLOCON),” Freie Universität Berlin

Bettina Engels, Jr. Professor, Director of “Global Change – Local Conflicts? (GLOCON),” Freie Universität Berlin

Sthandiwe ‘Stah’ Yeni, PhD Candidate, University of Western Cape

Pim de Zwart, Assistant Professor of Rural and Environmental History at Wageningen University

*under construction*

CFI General Board

*under construction*

CFI Partners

The CFI Network includes scholars, researchers, and activists at 26 partner organizations.

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