Calls for Papers

CFP: Frontiers, Companies of Colonization, and Indigenous Peoples, 19th-20th Centuries
Deadline: February 2021

Historia Crítica, a publication of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Universidad de los Andes
(Bogotá, Colombia), announces a call for papers for the dossier “Frontiers, Companies of
Colonization, and Indigenous Peoples, 19th-20th Centuries”, that will be under the
coordination of Alberto Harambour, a professor at Universidad Austral de Chile, Centro
FONDAP-Ideal. Articles will be received between February 15 and April 15, 2021.

Link to CFP:

This dossier seeks to open space to the study of the intersections between public and private colonization, state and imperial forces, and indigenous peoples, to challenge the alleged national exceptionalisms with which the state’s speedy expansive processes tend to be explained for the past two centuries. In some way, national historiographies about the formation of international boundaries have highlighted the national processes’ uniqueness. In contrast, this dossier, considering the transnational force of actors, ideas, representation, and capital, looks to contribute to reexamining the inclusion-exclusion processes mentioned before into a broader perspective, preferably in a comparative fashion. We hope to receive articles about different moments, geographic scopes, and spatial scales in Latin America, in the 19th and 20th centuries, that consider the following thematic areas.
• Colonization projects associated with the incorporation of indigenous
territories to national states, particularly those promoted by the construction
of infrastructure works, the establishment of extractive economies, and the
implantation of religious missions.
• Relationships between sovereignist aspirations of states and indigenous
• The intersection between local indigenous economies and foreign markets in
the context of the incorporation of frontiers.
• Responses and adaptations of indigenous communities to the state’s
incorporation projects and colonization campaigns.
• Conflicts within indigenous communities related to the acceptance or
rejection of state logics.
• Reorganization of the ethnic, national, gender, and/or class hierarchies and
identities in frontier spaces.
• Indigenous leaderships and intellectuals.
• Indigenous cartographic representations of frontier spaces.

CFP: Extractivism in the Americas working group: call for participants and paper proposals
Deadline: 15/10/2020

This working group provides a network to appraise the histories and legacies of neoextractivism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our immediate aims are to organize panels for the 2021 Congress of the Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and to produce a special edition of the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

CFP: Comparing the Copperbelt: Social History and Knowledge Production in Central Africa
Deadline: 15/10/2020
University of Oxford

The project aims to examine the Copperbelt (in both Zambia and the DR Congo) as a single region divided by a (post-)colonial border, across which flowed minerals, people and ideas.

CFP: Rethinking Tobacco History: Commodities, Empire and Agency in Global Perspective, 1780-1960
Deadline: 15/11/2020
University of Cologne

The conference will be held at the University of Cologne, December 1-4, 2021. We seek to have a good representation of women, scholars based in the Global South, postdocs, and doctoral candidates.

CFP: Routledge Handbook of the Digital Environmental Humanities
Deadline: 01/01/2021

DEH is empirically, critically and ethically engaged in exploring digitally mediated, visualized, and parsed framings of past, present and future environments, landscapes and cultures, as well as the ways in which these operate to produce scale, from the intimate and personal to the global and planetary.

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