Conferences, Webinars, Workshops

ETROD- Extractivism and Transition Research Online Dialogues
14/09/2020- 08/02/2020
CityIndustries. International Research Network

Several workshops and conferences bring together social science scholars to discuss, exchange and further develop research particularly on transition to post-carbon futures, resources, energy, infrastructures and extractivism.

Webinar Series “Towards a Responsible Supply Chain for Electronics. From Mining to Manufactory”
Make ICT Fair project

In three webinars, the different links of the ICT supply chain, from mineral extraction to manufacturing and assembly are analysed to stimulate an open discussion with the sector to achieve a fairer supply chain for electronic devices.

European Webinar on the Right to Say No! European Struggles and Successes
CIDSE- Together for Global Justice

The Webinar series is a continuation of the work of the TSF in terms of consolidating a broad movement of resistance in order to build common struggles for solidarity.

Interdisciplinary Autumn Research School: Rethinking Extractivist Capitalism
University of Bremen

The Autumn School will address the political economy of extractivist accumulation, its ecological and social implications, and questions of dissent, protest and resistance.

EXALT Symposium 2020. Extractivisms and Alternatives
EXALT- Initiative

The event draws together diverse critical analyses of the phenomena of global extractivisms and the myriad alternatives pursued both in theory and practice.

Conference “Challenging Crops and Climates” – AHS conference 2021

People have transformed environments to meet the demands of agricultural production through both private and state-sponsored actions. The Agricultural History Society encourages submissions that explore how farmers and other rural people wrestle with challenging and changing environments.

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