How Can I Participate?

The CFI hosts the Commodity Frontiers journal, as well as this website with content linked to social media platforms. The Commodity Frontiers journal primarily publishes invited contributions. Each issue of the journal has a theme, around which section editors invite contributions from scholars and others who are experts in their respective fields. Given this, there are four primary ways you can contribute to the journal and/or the CFI website.

  • Article contributions: If you would like to contribute an article to one of the sections of the Commodity Frontiers journal, please send a short note with your contact information and your area of expertise to the section editors and to Mindi Schneider (
  • Journal theme proposals: If you have an idea for a themed issue of the journal, please send inquiries to Mindi Schneider.
  • Lexicon entries: We are building a Commodity Frontiers Lexicon that will be housed at the CFI website. If you would like to contribute an entry to the Lexicon, or if you would like to write a response to an entry that’s been published, please contact Claudia Bernardi ( and Eric Vanhaute (, the Lexicon editors.
  • Round Tables: We will occasionally host virtual round tables on the website and social media to debate concepts, approaches, and politics surrounding commodity frontiers. If you would like to propose a round table, please contact Mindi Schneider.
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