The CFI hosts roundtable discussions on books, papers, actions, and ideas related to the Initiative’s core concerns.

Capital Terre Roundtable

On 9 May 2022, the CFI hosted a roundtable discussion on Alessandro Stanziani’s recent monograph, Capital Terre Une histoire longue du monde d’après (XIIe-XXIe siècle). This important book is prefaced by Thomas Piketty and offers us a global focus tracing the history of capitalism over the long term. Stanziani suggests ways to reconcile economic and demographic growth, social justice and environmental protection, with particular attention to agricultural production and food, so that all of us can enjoy the fruits of the earth (Capital Terre), which after all is our common good.

Stanziani’s book has a direct bearing on the questions addressed by the Commodity Frontiers Initiative and we were therefore happy that we could organise this roundtable. Alessandro Stanziani briefly introduced his book, followed by commentaries from Laure Bazzoli (Université Lumière Lyon-2), Benoit Daviron (CIRAD Montpellier) and Ulbe Bosma (International Institute of Social History). Hanne Cottyn moderated the event.

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