Livestock Frontiers – Issue 3

The third issue of Commodity Frontiers was published on 1 December 2021. Read articles online at our Open Journal Source site, or download a pdf of the entire issue with the button below.

Editorial Introduction
Mindi Schneider  and Samuël Coghe

Studying Commodity Frontiers
Tony Weis
Animals as and on Resource Frontiers

Historians take on the Present
Joana Medrado
Cattle Grazing and Forest Devastation in Brazil: Environmental Resources and Territorial Trajectories

From the Field
Hanne Cottyn and Stha Yeni
Fieldwork in the Poultry Capital of the World: An Interview with Carrie Freshour about her work on Race, Place, and Labor in the US South

Creative Frontiers
Maarten Vanden Eynde
From Tale to Tail: Unwinding the Twisted Life Story of PIG 05049

Commodity Frontier Political Ecology
Andrew Curley
Livestock, Colonialism, and Commodity Frontiers in the U.S. Southwest

Teaching Commodity Frontiers
Natasha Maru  
Learning to Resist(ance) in Gujurat: Pastoral Pedagogy as Active and Positive Grassroots Resistance

Labor Frontiers
Eric Vanhaute  
Peasant Frontiers and the Enigma of Peasant Work

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