Stimulant Frontiers – Issue 2

The second issue of Commodity Frontiers was published on 15 April 2021. Read individual articles through the links below, or download a pdf of the entire issue.

Editorial Introduction
Mindi Schneider  and Ulbe Bosma

Studying Commodity Frontiers
Jelmer Vos
The Coffee Frontier in Proto-Colonial and Colonial Angola

Teaching Commodity Frontiers
Elisabet Dueholm
Teaching the History of Drugs as Commodities: A Talk with Historian Paul Gootenberg

Historians take on the Present
Mindi Schneider
Working the Rural-Urban Divide: Alexander Day Traces a Century of Agricultural Modernisation in China’s Present-Day Tea Capital

Commodity Frontier Political Ecology
Hannah Elliott and Martin Skrydstrup
The True Price of Quality: On the Infrastructures of Tea in Postcolonial Kenya

Conflicts, Frictions, and Counternarratives
Serena Stein and Katie Sandwell
Illicit Crop Frontiers: Colonialism, Commodification, and Countermovements

Creative Frontiers
Maarten Vanden Eynde
A New Museum Order: Representing the Lasting Legacy of Raw Materials: A Conversation with Roger M. Buergel and Sophia Prinz

From the Field
Allan S. Queiroz  
Labor Commodification in the Sugarcane Plantations of Alagoas, Northeast Brazil

Erich Landsteiner and Ernst Langthaler  
Global Commodities: Special Issue of the Austrian Journal of Historical Studies

Robert Fletcher  
Malthus in Smith Clothing: The Dasgupta Review

Events and Announcements
Claudia Bernardi

Labor Frontiers
Jan Brunner
Agrarian Frontier Expansion and Conflicts over Labor: Labor Struggles in the Sugarcane Sector in São Paulo State in Brazil

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